The Male Adventure


David Wichman

For many years I have traveled the world seeking new places and experiences to enjoy. I have been given a unique opportunity to explore with men from all walks of life.

I am not a tour guide; I am a completely interactive travel companion. I give you 100% of my time and effort to see to it that your travel time is enjoyable in every respect.

Let's do this together, from long walks along the beach, to coffee in the morning, horseback riding to scuba diving or any other adventure you can think of. We make it happen together.

You will laugh often and on many days you will be amazed. I hope you will always find a relaxing, no-limits adventure with me.

I work with one of the most experienced travel agents in the US, with over 30 years in the industry. I assure you, you're in good hands. Together we will find the best hotels, cruises, land tours and vacation packages available.

I am told that I am a master at airfare and in-flight and hotel room comfort. I will let you be the judge of that.

Having a travel companion does not have to be out of reach. I will be certain that we cover all the bases and find just the right adventure that fits your budget.

These photos from the past few years.

Pictures can never truly capture what happens on our travels together. When they say "you had to be there to understand" they meant it.

If you come home exhausted and filled up then I have done my job. While there is plenty of time to relax on adventures with me I do not do vacation travel, I do adventure travel.

Promo video from September 1st 2011.

This was back when first began.

By now you are probably wondering how much taking a travel companion on a trip with you must cost. The short answer is about $600-$1000 USD per day. There are many factors that take place when coming up with a quote please do not shy away from having an in depth discussion with me on the value I can bring to your trip.

Many travel adventures are double occupancy often times charging you double to be alone. Adding a travel companion can fill in many missing parts to any trip.

I am fun and gregarious and you will find me a great addition to any group travel when getting to know new people along the way.

I am also polite and engaging and will look out for all your needs especially when dealing with service providers.

I have been to all 7 continents and have a deep love for all things wildlife. I love art and museums history and ancient ruins.

Your desires become my priority. Come take a trip with me and find out.