Many things come in to play when determining costs, including length of trip, travel costs, and your preferences for destination and level of accommodations.  Basic rates vary and are always negotiable.  A consultation will give you a more specific travel budget estimate.


As I said in the intro video, I enjoy doing the leg work. Of course your participation is extremely important. Together we can make this work. All airfare and travel costs are paid by you.


My job is to make sure you are getting the best possible experience you can have. I will soon be putting together packages that are all inclusive and if you would like me to do that for you, by all means give me a call. 


Remember, this is your journey - Let's take it!

Basic rates:


Dinner & planning consultation: $250

(I will gladly pick up the dinner tab)


Overnight: $1000

(Afternoon/early evening - following day)


Weekend trips: $2800

(Begin on Friday, end on Sunday)


5-7 day trips: $3800-$7500


Longer trips start at $7500