Moving along

I am looking around at the life I am living and I discovered it was all incased in a facebook bubble. I would go to bed at night with my timeline flowing through my head. Worried about the state of the planet what my friends thought of me where I stood on an issue and if I might be liked enough.

Well I am at the point where enough has to be enough. So I will not be on facebook or social media directly any longer I will however be posting this travel blog and life updates through this medium.

I really want to stay out of the fray for a while and contain my own insanity and peacefulness. this will be the place that I try to inspire do better be more engaged with what is in front of me.

I hope you will forgive my absence and enjoy the road less travelled or in my case the road well travelled. Stay tuned as every now and again after Maggie my editor fixes all my run on sentences and grammar posts will come now and again.

I will include video pictures and joy frustration the whole tomato.

until then see you soon

Love David

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