It may seem as though I've returned .....

However I am still in my self imposed exile 

I am going to blog one sided from my web-blog.

I am going to keep shining my light nothing will dim it.

With all the news cycles and trauma happening in the world I have had to step back to restore my sanity. I am useless to the world if I am in despair. I can not lose hope I need my strength to carry on.

My adventure season begins so 

Stay tuned..... 

Soon I leave for the Galapagos on the scuba dive trip of a lifetime. I fly into Ecuador early Friday morning. I am taking my 360 camera and gear and I am hoping to get some great footage.

I so cannot wait to get out and about no Internet no TV no distractions. I am going to try to blog from the road, internet will be spotty so we shall see if this works. I've missed you all and I will see you again soon take good care and be kind. 

Love David

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