On the Road with a few new rules

Sitting in the DFW Admirals Club and sure enough my phone vibrated with a message from my dear friend Dr Holland. This kicked off a flood of thoughts and emotions. I miss a lot of interactions these days. I believe it is perfectly fine. I always believed if I were in the midst of stimulation and drama I was alive and well. I am changing a bit. I am still very much in my boots. Taking to the world a bit more fearless and a lot more aware.

I believe in my work which has taken on an entirely new re-focus. I am boy i am loving it.

I still believe in the world and care passionately for everything I see and experience both good and bad. .

However..... I may have been a bit naive and neglectful not just to me but to others.

So now I have implemented new rules of the road.

No matter what country I am in NO TV ! No eating in places that blast the boobtube and keep us all mezmerized. Nope none of it. No arguing beliefs and justice of "right & wrong'

I want to hear more and stay open......I am ok to be wrong today.

As for Social media the shiney drug that has us all "connected" to our common peril. This is our echo chamber of the beating of the tune 'we will rock you" I can no longer do it the same as I have been.

I see the "Us versus them" everywhere and as long as we are divided we are lost in the desert and no hope of return.

I hope you will forgive my absence.

My phone and email are plastered all over the interwebs and if you want to interact you know where to find me.

The phone goes facedown on the table when we are together I promise you I will strive to give you my undivided attention. No exceptions. I am in the midst of detoxing from media news and the constant bombardment of my soul with all things flashy dangerous and insane.

I have spent a great deal of time losing "David" to impress upon the world that "I matter" "this matters" and "we can do it together" or "I will shine a light on_______( fill in the blank")

Meanwhile my inner world has suffered for decades not from anything outside of myself. Just plain old fear......Well I think I have had enough of fear and now my creative side has taken a stand.

David (ME) has asked me to get back to David a bit and re-calibrate the compass. I have begun exploring music compositions ,writing lyrics I am telling the stories.... reading the literature.

I am out back playing with the dogs and engaging my partners asking them to help me learn to find out what it is I am fighting for.

I am discovering that this is just another part of one incredible journey .

The big bad world all the unknown as made me look for the heroes and the helpers. I feel more plugged in than ever. I see you out there and yes while I miss the constant contact I love being able to breathe and sleep at night.


You fuckers better get in touch with me. come visit, come play, join me!! in the sea, on the road.... join me in life.

If you are alive you already won. I am here I will be posting this way for a bit.... I wont see your comments..... I do not get your messenger messages..... you will have to call email or stop by.

You are and always will be my family .

I am in route to another amazing trip. Pics and videos and posts will follow

I want to close with this : I often think about how alone I sometimes feel. The first thing I know I have to do is reach out to someone that may be feeling alone too or be at risk.

There are many like me that struggle to make it out of the darkness that stay imprisoned by the disease of aloneness.

This morning on my flight out I sent this simple text.

This is someone who I hope & pray everyday, makes it to the light of freedom.

I have been so gracefully given a gift I never take it for granted .

So I will ask you to do one thing today and one thing only ......

Reach out to one another put the phone facedown on the table ......

listen fully, hear who is speaking.

Feel their love, feel their pain and accept it exactly as it is.

Your presence is the gift that heals them.

Advice I long need to practice myself .....

Love DPWichman

On the road to Ecuador 2017

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