Lost in the school of Hammerheads

Just a quick update after 7 days on the edge of the middle of the world all I can say is WOW!

Breathless incredible dives.

There is a lot to see and say so I won't say much except I played with a sea lion danced with hammerheads saw a brief glimpse of a mola mola and met wonderful new friends along the way.

I know It may seem as though the wildlife is what I am most connected to. however it is the human interaction with people. Especially those like me, that share my passion, who change and create the magic. Every single time it comes down to you and I. Where we go, what we see and how we share it with others.

We live in the gift it is this very moment I beg you to grab ahold of it right now and breathe every breath, sing every song, dance every dance and dive every dive.

Love muchly


This is just a highly edited snapshot of the 7 days of diving.

this is a very very edited version of my week diving on the Galapagos Sky liveaboard I did not do a very good job with this edit I may revisit and do a better one I got really crummy footage on this dive trip but the crew shared a lot with us of what we saw. However yes that is me lost in a school of hammerhead sharks and it was incredible. ... The real star was the sealion I am beyond amazed...

I made this while killing time waiting for my flight home just so I can share it with my friends on social media.

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