Thoughts and an update !

When you have spent the last 10 years with the proverbial genie in a bottle granting all your wishes.....

Even though many of those wishes were lessons in pain, most were adventure, joy and new spiritual heights that could only be seen as gifts from the great "One".

I say this all preemptively to convince you that yes I am once again shocked. I am flat out amazed. I have to stop every couple days a check the calendar just to be sure.

Just to be certain that yes I booked an Antarctica trip!!!!

I can hardly type this without breathing heavy.

I can remember in my youth sometimes late at night I would sneak in to the garage dig around in boxes of my fathers National Geographic magazines. I carefully pulled out maps open seals and made sure to refold everyone of them so no one would know I broke into the sacred collection of maps.

I flew across the pages of canyons and on the long boats of the Euphrates, dreamed of being on the expedition ships counting emperor penguins.

I would sit in my fantasy world wrapped in a blanket from the dryer pretending I was being kept warm by a polar bear while eating dry cereal out of a box

I knew all my life that I would come to both ends of the world. I knew somehow I just knew. That this was the time. When the opportunity came about I just said "yes". I then said "please" and this client and dear friend and fellow adventurer said "sure! Why not" " My mouth dropped open.


Now everyday I look up and I say "thank you"

This is far outside the scope of cost & far outside a usual time frame for this to be an official trip but I can assure you it is.

Come late November I pack my gear and head south for a 28 day adventure. I know that every dream every thought every word creates the world we live in .....I used to say it was hogwash.

Now I shut up and just say Thank you...thank you fuck fuck fuck!!!!

Thank you.


Thoughts on an update

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